Fire Stopping

Knauf Insulation are members of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection, and our fire protection products are listed in the Yellow Book, which presents economical methods for the fire protection of structural steelwork to provide compliance with Building Regulations. Structural steel requires fire protection because it loses structural strength at temperatures that can be rapidly reached in a building fire. This will consequently have a negative impact on the structural integrity of the building. Protecting the structural steel from the heat of a fire will delay the onset of this loss of strength and the possible collapse of the building. This is essential because it allows extra time for both the occupants of the building to escape and fire services to tackle the fire. It could also prevent the actual collapse of the building minimising insurance losses. Building Regulations covering fire safety are concerned with the preservation of life. With the increasing use of structural steel in construction, designers need fire protection solutions that provide a combination of fast installation and cost-effectiveness whilst achieving the desired finish. Whatever the application Knauf Insulation has a range of board products and systems to cater for any project. When used for the fire protection of structural steelwork, board systems offer several compelling advantages over site applied paint and spray coating systems.

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